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March 1, 2019
-A Word of Caution Concerning 3DM & The Order of Mission-
What every church leader and member should know before their local church gets involved with 3DMovement and The Order of Mission.
     "In my opinion no  congregation, district, church plant or national figure should endorse or be using the 3DM material. Here are my reasons for making such a strong blanket statement."   Bob Highlands III

It has been a number of years since I first published the informaion on 3DM and Mike Breen. Since then much has changed and much remains the same. Mike Breen has gone through several different phases since these were first posted and as of early 2019 has returned to pasotring a church. People continue to email me and let me know of the problems that are occuring in their churche because of 3DM. Though the material here may be somewhat dated it does provide a background and a warning to anyone or to any church considering using 3DM. I have watched as a handful of churches started using 3DM have floundered after going through hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of training by 3DM staff and techinques.
12 Minute video intor
Word of Caution concerning 3DM
This section covers an overview of 3DM and the background of its development under the leadership of Mike Breen.

Word of Caution concerning 3DM
This section covers the background of 3DM and the Order of Missions along with Mike Breen's approach to theology and interpreting the Word of God.

Word of Caution concerning 3DM
Updated February 15, 2016
This section shows how the Church of God Anderson IN. and The Pacific NW Association have incorporated 3DM into their local churches and the movement.

Word of Caution concerning 3DM
Updated January 23, 2016
Updated February 17, 2016
Updated March 8, 2016
FALSE RUMORS of 3DM Bankruptcy (UPDATE March 26, 2016)
Update May 25, 2016 - GREENVILLE SC!!!!!
Updates and additional information about Mike Breen and 3DM.

I have posted these materials here in the hopes they help others with their decisions concerning 3DMovement in their local churches. My core interest are in other areas and I do not want to get stuck on this one issue. With that said, I also have friends and colleagues who have asked me to clarify the issues as I saw them. I would also recommend the following sites for your consideration. The first is THE SCHOOLEY FILES published by Keith Edwin Schooley. His post on November 29, 2013 titled "Mike Breen and Building a Discipling Culture: A Dissent" is one of the riches sources of interaction and information about 3DM. With over 400 comments there is much to be gleaned from this post. A more recent post by Andy Rowell from May 5, 2015 titled "Notes on 3DM and The Order of Mission" gives a different perspective. The final analysis is up to each individual and each church. Writing to the church at Corinth Paul said, "We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers,..." These post are my effort to make sure you are informed about the matter surrounding 3DMovement and The Order of Mission.

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