3DM Warning Part 04

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3DM Warning Part 04

Bob Highlands
Published by Bob Highlands III in 3DM, Theology · 9 April 2018
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A Word of Caution Concerning

WHATEVER Mike Breen Is Up To NOW?

(This is a complation of updated resources and information about 3DM and Mike Breen.
I have had little information since Mike Breen moved from his Island inland and took
up residence in the church there. I you have any more recent information please feel free to share it.)
Updated January 23, 2016 Updates in Black type
Updated February 17, 2016 Updates in Green type
Updated March 8, 2016 Updates in BLUE type
Updated March 26, 2016 Updates in ORANGE type
Updated May 25, 2016 UPDATES in BRIGHT PINK
Personal UPDATE
Since I first published these post I have received emails and phone calls from across the U.S. thanking me and also asking, “What can be done?” In two long phone calls it was obvious not much could be done because the damage was too severe. I continue to post not to dissuade those already involved in 3DM but to sound a warning to those who might have the opportunity to not take this path following the teachings of Mike Breen. I have shown enough of his bad theology in Warning number 2 for anyone who wants to see the truth. Those who follow the teachings of Mike Breen want nothing to do with anything I have to say. I respect their right to disagree. Yet, I feel the warnings are on target and helping some make informed decisions concerning 3DM. An email from England helps put it into perspective from someone who had spent 10 years close to 3DM and had Mike Breen as his pastor:
Dear Bob,
I’m getting in touch having seen your “3DM Warning” articles. I’m from the UK and was a member of St Thomas’ Church, Crookes between 1996–2006; and of course, for most of that time, the church was under Mike Breen’s leadership.
I wanted to thank you for writing your critique, in such a respectful tone but pointing out the problems with 3DM clearly, and hope that it will serve as a timely warning to many. I think 3DM is largely a heavy burden of unnecessary legalism, essentially, and agree that it is therefore likely to be unhelpful and is potentially spiritually dangerous.  Mark T- (used by permission)
Emails, phone calls and personal contacts by pastors and members of churches have continued to come in. Several of them did not want to be identified because of working relationships with some who are involved in 3DM. I respect their conflict of conscience but wish more were speaking up and adding their voices to the conservation.
Mike Breen is off on a new direction and what appears to be an effort to get into every and any church that has used 3DM training materials. In his post dated October 22, 2015, titled ‘My New Assignment'[i] after patting himself on the back he lays out his vision of what is coming next. Mike does this in his usual rambling and coded wording that only he and the other insiders really know what he is saying. Speaking for himself and his wife, Sally, he then gets to the heart of the matter.
“So this is what Sally and I am going to focus on. We’re going to help any leaders in the movement who, having been through the 3DM Learning Community process, would like the necessary investment to learn how to bring these essential elements together. We’re going to help leaders to see fundamental breakthrough in their own communities and movemental impact in the world.”[ii]
I thought that is what people and churches were paying thousands of dollars for to begin with. Mike Breen writes, “Now that a discipling culture and a missional mindset have been thoroughly established in many churches around the world, I would love to see all of those churches become centers of movemental transformation – churches that change the world!”[iii]
I warned that this “MOVEMENT” was more than just common teachings or values. It appears that Mike is moving toward joining these churches together into a “MOVEMENT” he is directly influencing on a continuing and long-term basis. I personally do not believe he plans to stop there but only time will tell.
Under his new buzzword “Selfless Memes” he says, “memes are vital to the way in which a movement grows and self propagates.” Remember that this all goes back Mike Breen as the founder of The Order of Missions and all this is based on his teachings. The DNA is The Order of Mission and the vehicle up to now was 3DM. He is now working to join the 3DM churches into a “MOVEMENT” in which he plays a vital lead part.
This is followed by an invitation to ‘young leaders,’ ‘seasoned leaders,’ ‘Senior Pastors and their spouses,’ to contact him directly.
Mike has also found a new way to make money. He used to head up both TOM and 3DM, having stated in an online video “3DM is really the business arm of TOM.”[iv] Since something happened at 3DM and TOM and he is not running either one of them now he needs a new source of income. He writes “To augment this new season of mission and ministry I plan to start a new series of daily devotionals.” Sounds good? These daily devotions are being sold for “subscription plans from $9.99 / month or $99 / year.”[v] I predict, this is only a temporary fix and he will be asking any church that works with him in this new movement of “Selfless Memes”  to pay for the service.
NOTE: It is up to each church to choose its beliefs and doctrinal direction. My concern here is that Mike Breen is assuming the mantel of Leadership for a movement and his influence into churches that have traditionally taken a different direction may find this present course another point of conflict.
Mike has listed a fascination with Pentecostalism dating back to the turn of the century and sees it as the foundation of the future church.  Speaking about the 21st century he writes, “I wonder what new movement the Lord has planned for this Century? I’m sure it will build on Pentecostalism–but what will it be?”[vi] This statement is both a prediction of where he is headed and also a warning to those church who have not embraced Pentecostalism as part of their doctrinal statements.[vii]
His view of Pentecostalism is skewed. He states, “Of course Pentecostalism in the 20th Century is built on the Wesleyan message and revivals of the 19th century.”[viii] The historical record does not support his statement.[ix] The goal here is not to separate myself from those of the Pentecostal movement but to suggest Mike Breen has done enough damage to existing churches without getting involved and prorogating Pentecostalism. At the same time those in the Pentecostal movement should be wary of Mike Breen and how he will use Pentecostalism to infiltrate churches with the 3DM – TOM DNA.
RUMORS of Bankruptcy (UPDATE March 26, 2016)
Rumors of 3DM going bankrupt appear to be sloppy work of some of those using the internet without going deeper than the headlines on a search engine. The infamous Chinese forum for cracking computer games ‘3DM’ has spoken about going bankrupt and at the same time releasing its source code to the cracking software 3DM. So you want to know why I put this here. Some have seen that 3DM is going bankrupt and assumed it was the 3DM associated with Mike Breen. I guarantee if this was true it would be all over the place. 3DM is used in association with a music festival, some lightweight navigational technology, a leather shoe company, a Chinese video game hacking group, an Australian marketing company, a computer program for analyzing 3D digital data, a surfboard shaping machine, a medical company producing replacement body parts using 3D printing technology… and I am sure there are more.
Recently I was told no longer to worry about Mike Breen or 3DM because they were bankrupt. This appears to be a rumor founded on assuming that 3DM only applies to Mike Breen. The danger is still real and as of yesterday, I heard from an individual that had attended a 3DMovement workshop within the last two weeks in the Boston area where they offered a 30% discount for those who signed up for the full two years before leaving. 3DM is theologically, philosophically and financially bankrupting churches but it does not appear 3DMovements is bankrupt or out of business.
Mike Breen points to the success of the past but after he is gone it is often exactly the opposite. Many churches and colleges that were associated with him in the past either deny he or 3DM has any current links, or find themselves in disarray. One example of this is North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills Minnesota. According to the StarTribune [x] headlines, “Ex-megachurch in Arden Hills nearing its last service, North Heights Lutheran, which once drew several thousand, has fallen victim to internal strife.” Not mentioned in the article is the fact it was 3DM teachings that ripped this church apart. Mike Breen’s neo-monastic approach to ministry along with his non-biblical teachings were the foundation for the destruction of this and many other churches.   I continue to caution anyone considering using 3DM or Mike Breen as a consultant in any way to prayerfully reconsider.
Update May 25, 2016 – GREENVILLE SC – Bridgeway Church
Mike Breen (3DM and the Order of missions founder) and Paul Maconochie (Works with teams who resource and equip Hubs for 3DM) have located their offices in the church. (They are no longer directly associated with 3DM but are drawing from those trained by 3DM for their new ministry to be directly involved with these pastors in their local churches.) This after Chad Norris (co-founded Wayfarer ministries which was sold to 3DM) became the pastor of Bridgeway church in Greenville SC in 2015 following a merger of two churches. Since then there has been a steady changeover to 3DM terminology and leadership in the church. They are deeply involved with the 3DM regional learning communities and are about 75% of the way through the reprogramming process for the local church.  Bridgeway Church is quickly being transitioned into a church using 3DM in all areas. The Christian School is reported to have pulled out of several accrediting agencies for Christian schools and is discouraging anyone from asking questions about the changes.  After keeping a low profile after decentralizing 3DM Mike Breen is now personally mentoring a small group of pastors  (currently unofficially reported at 30).  Any church with leadership tied to 3DM in the USA should be wary of what could be the beginning of Mike Breen’s move in uniting churches with 3DM training together under his controlling leadership and evolving theology.
Bob Highlands III – January 23, 2016, February 17, 2016, March 9, 2016, May 25, 2016

© 2015-2018 Bob Highlands III

The following are emails and comments I received from the previous blog where these materials were posted. I have limted their responses and comments to a date and first name or initial.
2-4-2016  Thank you so much for this. I am struggleling with my church moving into this after attending there for over nine years with my young daughters. I do not like any of it. You helped make my decision.  RUSTIN
10-20-2016 I only heard about our church paying a sum of money to 3DM last night without the PCC being informed lam not happy we the congregation have not been asked about the impact all this will have as the new vicar is from Sheffield and st Thomas now l understand some of the things he is saying and doing, oh dear what to do now? J. K.
11-3-2016 This has happened in the church my father has attended for over 50 years. He is a lay preacher and was a warden until 3dm was imposed – he is no longer a warden and has now been told he won’t be asked to preach because he doesn’t agree with the way the church is heading. How can such a highly respected and loved member of the church be almost expelled by a vicar who turned to him for support and inspiration up to 6 months ago . It is frightening to see how a well educated leader can be brainwashed into the beliefs of 3dm. I would suggest that this is where the devil’s work is really at its best. Helen
2-2-2017 To those reading this and replying to it, I used to attend the church where Breens rampage and megalomania first began to take root, St Thomas Church, Crookes, Sheffield UK. I went there from 1994 until I left the UK in 2002. The church did a lot of good, many in the leadership were excellent but Breen was very charismatic, intelligent, humourless and passionate speaker and he led many, blindfolded, in to a creation that was not Christ like. A lady called Helen replied here about her father basically getting ostracised because he question 3DM. Breen, whilst at St Toms, surrounded himself with young people, (easily led and influenced, in a similar way Hitler tried to do with the Hitler Youth, get them whilst they are young). Breen instigated a prog called YAPS, Young Adult Placement Scheme, and many on this prog were put in to positions of leadership in the year after their undergraduate degree had finished. Whilst doing this, one of my friends, and the worship team he was in who were all older, wiser etc, were told before they led worship on a Sunday morning, ‘after today, you will no longer be required’. I believe they were removed so young people could replace them and be easily led by Breen. (At this time I was 23 years old and it did not sit easy with me then but I was still taken in and not wise enough to challenge it). So I have seen first hand what Breen and his young cronies can behave like. I would love to email in more details for the author of this blog to publish and share more about the true nature of TOM, 3DM and Breen, as a warning.  ADAM
There have been many other emails, calls and notes. Almost all ask not to be quoted or identified. These post are hopes there will be fewer of these and fewer churches caught up in this terrible teaching. Occasionally someone write saying I should take down these post. I have spent too many hours on the phone and read too many emails of those who have had their churches torn apart by 3DM.
[i] http://www.3dmovements.com/my-new-assignment-a-personal-note-from-mike-breen/  Accessed January 23, 2016
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[v] http://www.disciplingculture.com/  Accessed January 23, 2016
[vi] http://www.disciplingculture.com/new-fire-new-wind/   Accessed January 23, 2016 emphasis added
[vii] I am slated to release a book on the subject in 2017 titled, “The Truth About Tongues.” I disagree with the Biblical premise of the Tongues movement but find common ground in our belief of Christ as both Savior and Lord.
[viii] http://www.disciplingculture.com/new-fire-new-wind/  Accessed January 23, 2016
[ix] Without being over simplistic I believe he has completely missed the mark and is as usual making it up as he goes along. The change in the church that took place in the 19th century (the 1800’s for those who get confused with such dating) was in many ways both a revival or renewal of the church at large while at the same time it was a breakdown of Christian values with no Biblical bases which has led to a proliferation of cults, sects an anything goes attitude. The Pentecostal movement was dramatically different from the revivals of the 19th century and was based on an existential belief in a new found truth and not the teachings or principals of Wesley.
An excellent book to look at this is ‘The Democratization of American Christianity’ by Nathan Hatch. This shows the overall effect and how these changes took place. For those who would like to see how it applied to the start of a new church movement or denomination ‘I Saw the Church’ by Merle D. Strege shows the way this attitude was played out through formation of the Church of God, Anderson, movement.
Nathan O. Hatch, The Democratization of American Christianity. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1989.
Merle D. Strege, I Saw The Church, the life of the Church of God told Theologically. Anderson: Warner Press, 2002.
[x] http://www.startribune.com/ex-megachurch-in-arden-hills-nearing-its-last-service/371474331/  Accessed March 9, 2016

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